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Question #23071 posted on 02/23/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

There are at least six cities in the United States named Lynchburg. All but one of the cities (Lynchburg, Ohio) are considered to be below the Mason-Dixon Line. I've found resources saying Lynchburg, Virginia was named after one of the towns founders, and that Lynchburg, Missouri got it's name from the large number of lynchings that took place there in the past. What I'm wondering is, of the four remaining Lynchburgs, how many derive their name from the same sort of activities as Missouri's Lynchburg?

- Mania

A: Dear Mania,

Well, I found seven Lynchburgs including the two you referred to. Here they are with the information I could find on their history. Sources are included.

Lynchburg, IL
According to the Havannah Public Library, they are unable to find any information on why this town was named Lynchburg even after checking multiple Illinois and Mason County histories. The librarian said that the area does not have a history of racist violence though, so she while she acknowledged the possibility it was named for a lynching that took place, she doubted it.

Lynchburg, MO
Named for the many lynchings that took place there in 19th century. (Wikipedia)

Lynchburg, OH
According to the nice gal at the Lynchburg Library, the town was named for Lynchburg, VA.

Lynchburg, SC
Simply, the town is named for the river it is near, the Lynch River. (http://www.epodunk.com/cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=13246)

Lynchburg, TN
The story goes that a long time ago there was a whipping post used by the local residents to help keep order in their little community. The small, weakly man by the name of Lynch was usually chosen to administer the punishments and the town eventually became to be know as Lynchburg. (From a small packet of information on the county that the Moore County Library gives out to visitors.)

Lynchburg, TX
The Handbook of Texas Online indicates that the town as named for Nathaniel Lynch who ran a ferry there.

Lynchburg, VA
Name for its founder, Charles Lynch. (www.ci.lynchburg.va.us)

I also found mentionings of a Lynchburg, MS that used to exist. The community has kind of dwindled down to just a trailer park now and the area is now known as Walls, MS. The 33 year resident I talked to said she hasn't heard the area referred to as Lynchburg in a long time and had never heard of why it was named as such.