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Question #2392 posted on 01/17/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are there any carniverous turtles?

- Nervous for Nemo

A: Dear Nervous,

Yes. Just one of many examples is the Red Ear Slider turtle. While in their youth Red Ear Slider turtles are carnivorous, but tend to move towards a vegetarian diet with age.

A: Dear Fish Lover,
Yup. I've got a red ear slider, and he loves eating little Nemos. On a side note; as a child, I used to go swimming at a naturally heated outdoor lake called Warm Springs (just outside of Vegas). There was a small snapping turtle that lived there, and occasionaly people would come out of the water screaming that something had bitten them on the toes. I loved that turtle. He never bit me.
A: Dear Nemo-Lover,

Yes. Such as...

Exclusively carnivorous:
Alligator snapping turtle
Regular snapping turtle (you know, the non-alligator variety).
Yellow mud turtle

Most sea turtles (WATCH OUT DORIE!)
Western pond turtles
Box turtles

- Mighty Quinn