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Question #25409 posted on 06/01/2006 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

There is a beautiful picture that was in National Geographic some time ago. (I don't know when, but likely within the last 6 years.) It's a picture of a woman (I don't know the ethnicity, but she had heavy clothes on) leaning forward, walking on what looks like a dock but it's over grass. It's overcast, and the picture has a gray/purple hue to it. What is that picture and how can I find it?


A: Dear Agatha,

I believe that you're thinking of the picture that's on pgs. 98-99 of the September 2000 issue. The article is about the women of Nepal, and it's a picture of a Nepalese woman walking across a log bridge. Assuming you're at BYU, that issue can be found in your very own HBLL. (If you're not at BYU, your local library is likely to have it also.)

-Tangerine, who loves National Geographic, but wishes the pages didn't smell so bad