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Dear 100 Hour Board,

How can the UN come to resolution on what Lebanon and Isreal must do to stop the warfare? To me, it seems like no one should be able to work out the issue other than Lebanon and Isreal unless they both agree to a mediator. What good is the UN if the countries can, and probably will, do what they want anyway?

- Perturbed Provobian

A: Dear Peturbed,

I asked my sister your question; she's huge on Middle East politics. Basically she said the UN is good for nothing. However, assigning peace-keeping troops would be good to help with the mediator role. If they send a UN objective group, it might help for now, but ultimately it won't. Nobody's going to resolve this issue except Lebanon and Israel, and it will probably take a long time because each side has specific things that they want.

Because the United States has great interests in Israel, the United States is going to help out as much as they can.

My sister recommends keeping up with CNN if you're really interested in this issue.