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Question #3399 posted on 02/19/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
my mom gave away my little dog chloe to someone i had never met before. I am so sad! i need to find her and made sure she knows that i still love her! She answers to the name of Chloe. Do you know where she is?!
- i wish she was at the pound!

A: Dear I Wish,

I'm sure your dog reads The Board, and therefore has already read your declaration of love.

- Mighty Quinn
A: Dear Wishin',
Your dog's dead. Let me guess, did these strangers have a really big yard, where your dog would have lots of room to run? Were they a wonderful, caring family who desperately wanted a dog, and offered your pooch a great home? My parents "gave my dog away" to this same mystery family about 10 years ago. I just figured out last week that they really brought him to the pound. I hate parents. Oh, and ummm, my condolences on your loss.