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Question #34229 posted on 03/17/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are some of your favorite and/or cool things to look at on Google Earth? I love famous cities like DC or Rome or London, but I also thought the shot of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena was very cool, as well as Seahawks Stadium in Seattle where an actual game was going on. Thanks.

- Pirate Pants

A: Dear Pirate Pants,

Favorite thing? The areas in my mission. Second favorite? The hidden animals in Africa. Search for it! :)

-Castle in the Sky
A: Dear Pirate ~

Well, since you can't find my house on Google Earth, and the view of my hometown is seriously outdated (I think it's a photo from World War II era), I finally found a place that made me giddy: my apartment I lived in whilst I was in China. I was able to show my friends the balcony of my apartment. It was incredible!

~ Dragon Lady
A: Dear Phinneas,

I like looking at my parents' house and checking out the algae-cover on the pond in our woods. That's kind of fun.

-Kicks and Giggles
A: Dear Pirate Pants,

I like to look at the house where I stayed and the castles that I saw in Wales last summer.