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Question #34825 posted on 04/02/2007 3:01 a.m.

I would like to teach in Alpine School District, preferably at a school with great technology (newer computers, laptops, digital projectors). Is there a way to find out what schools have what technology resources or do you know of schools that fit the bill?

A: Dear No Name,

Let me start off by thanking you for being a teacher. It's not the most glamorous job or the highest paying, but I believe those who choose to be teachers are heroic.

The Alpine School District has passed a recent bond and leeway to upgrade technology capabilities in all schools within the district. All teachers have their own laptop and access to the same technology resources. So it looks like any school would fit the bill. It might be a better idea to look at the administration rather than just the technology (I hear from first hand experience that a control-freak principal is not fun to work with no matter how nice your computer is).

- steen