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Question #3687 posted on 03/01/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
DUDE! latro, my boy! so, i just read the post that said you went to the ventura california mission which is where i am from! well, not actually ventura, but in the mission. i was just wondering when and where you served (like in the paso robles first/second ward a coupla years ago). maybe we know each other and don't even realize it!
- excited to maybe know one of the board members in person
p.s. if you were joking about the mision thing i will never forgive you

A: Dear fellow californian,
No joke, my man. Cali Ventura all the way. The only time I made it to Paso was on splits, though, so I probably don't know you. It's ok though-- we can still be friends, right? I was there from 99-01, and I still get emotional thinking about that wonderful place...
::: Latro :::