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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is it appropriate to take the sacrament in another ward if you are attending your own? I was at a farewell last week and was told that I shouldn't. I always thought taking the sacrament twice was a privelege that would help me focus especially on the Savior and His Sacrifice two times that day. Is there some sort of reason that people don't like to do this?

Oh, and if I am in another ward in the same stake, should I sustain stake callings (like Stake Sunday School President or something) if I am not going to be going to my own ward? Or is it accepted practice to not?

--Are these Mysteries of the Handbook, or just silly Mormon customs?

A: Dear Mystified,

I'm going to say they're just silly Mormon customs. I asked my branch president, and he said that he had never heard it was inappropriate to take the sacrament twice. In fact, back before we had the consolidated meeting schedule that we use today (where we go once, for three hours), it was normal to take the sacrament twice—once in the morning (it was passed in the opening exercises for Sunday School) and once in the evening, during sacrament meeting. He also added that it was his interpretation of policy that only the bishop could tell someone else not to take the sacrament. I know I sure feel like it's not my place to tell someone else not to take it.

When I asked about sustaining stake callings if you're visiting somewhere else in your stake, he said that yes, you should.

—Laser Jock