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Question #37420 posted on 07/24/2007 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Thanks to progress the fruit stand I frequent on 8th north for cherries is now gone. Cherry season is basically here and I need cherries. Desperately. They must be locally grown, and I would prefer them sold by the orchard. Are there other orchard fruit stands in the valley? Where?

I am aware of the Provo farmer's market, but I need somewhere I can go every day for cherries.

- Your obedient servant, OG.

A: Dear OG, my obedient servant,

Did you, by chance, get any cherries at Freedom Days? There was a booth selling cherries. Seriously. That's all they were selling. They had regular red ones and the yellow ones. They were fabulous. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from the people with the Freedom Festival to know whose booth it was. You may want to try calling them yourself, and hopefully you can get a quicker answer. Call (801) 818-1776 and talk to Candice. Supposedly she's the one that will know.

Also, you can visit utahfruit.com for specific places to buy cherries. Click on the link that says "Where to Buy" and you'll be taken to map. Click the Central Region and then you can skim through those to figure out which one(s) you want to go to.

Good luck!

- Lavish
A: Dear OG,

As it happens, there is a place from whence you can purchase locally grown produce! Over on 2901 North University Avenue there's a place called Allred Orchards. Now, when Hobbes and I adventured over there, the building was closed, so I think it may have been another group that was selling their produce. Anyway, when we went they didn't have any cherries in stock, but they do sell them as well as corn, watermelon, raspberries, and cantaloupe (the watermelon was superb, just so you know).

Enjoy your cherries!