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Question #415 posted on 07/01/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
As the 100 Hour Board becomes more and more popular, and with the ease of your website people email you, like, thousands of emails. Do you ever not answer questions (other than very distasteful ones), because of time constraint? If so, won't you need more people to become question answerers?
- Eager writer

A: Dear Eager writer,
At the current moment, we do not get thousands of emails; we get maybe 10 a day or so. And we answer all questions (as long as they're questions) even though some of them might take a little bit longer than the 100 hours. And yes, we generally do expand our writer base on an as-needed basis; this usually occurs more during the busier seasons (aka fall and winter semesters). Writer quality usually suffers, but it keeps people happier.
- The Queen of Everything

A: Dear Eager,
Just wait until the Gravy comes around. Questions will get deleted left and right.