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Question #4226 posted on 03/23/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Could you tell me which missions have the lowest baptizing rates? Please also include the higest baptizing rates. And which mission has the most missionaries?

- The Boy Wonder

A: Dear Boy Wonder:

The church doesn't release official statistics on these things, so I had to run a poll of RM's in my ward. Lowest baptizing is anywhere in Western continental Europe (Spain, France, Germany, Italy). Highest baptizing is Chile or Brazil.

-- The Keeper of Riveted Mudflaps
A: Dear Boy Wonder,
People are always trying to tell me that Provo is the highest baptizing. I think that's probably Mormon myth, but for what it's worth there ya go.
I also heard an unofficial statistic that Italy was the lowest baptizing. The Former 786 (I think it was he anyway) mentioned Vatican City... I think I'd like to try tracting the Pope's place...
::: Latro :::