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Dear 100 Hour Board,

About 2 months ago, Reza Aslan spoke in the JSB auditorium about Iran. It was a great speech. I was wondering if that was recorded somewhere (like what he said,etc.) B/c I also saw a camera recording him, but there isn't a video on the Kennedy Center site. Do you know if there is a transcription of his talk and/or a recording?

- Too tired to think of one

A: Dear too tired-

You may be right; it doesn't look like the video is on the website. The video of the faculty panel discussion is available online right here, but not Aslan himself. It sounds like an interesting book on an interesting topic, but I don't know if you can see or hear it here.

If you look at this site, there are several podcasts, including some speeches by Mr. Aslan himself, that are probably on similar topics.