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Question #4298 posted on 03/19/2004 midnight

Dear Board,

My friend recently told me that there is now a maximum weight for missionaries - where can I find this information? I tried googling (and searching the archives!) but to no avail. Thanks for answering, and thanks for making me laugh whenever i have time to visit the magical boardland!

- Caballero de la orden de "ni"

P.S. My suggestion for the "redesigned" site - a list of FAQ's like "how do i join the board" and "how obvious is obvious to a guy"

A: Querido caballero,

There is no specific maximum weight requirement, but if a missionary exceeds a specific BMI (body mass index) that is calculated from his height, he will be denied missionary service. From what I have recently seen (missionaries leaving/ MTC missionaries) I believe you would have to be morbidly obese to be rejected.

The captain
A: Dear Caballero,

Yeah. Didn't you hear, they raised the bar. And it's gonna be pretty tough for Fatty to clear it now!