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Question #44490 posted on 04/19/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have you ever had a class in which the reading load was SO heavy that if you ever got behind you felt it would be impossible to catch up...and consequently, you ended up doing very little reading the entire semester?

Is there a way to get past this phenomenon?

-Hates reading anyway

A: Dear Gertrude,

When I used to find myself in that position, in an effort to just jump back in and not ever catch back up, I would just forget about the stuff I'd missed thus far and start reading at the current assignment, just so I would at least know I was with the class. If I had time later I'd try to go back and read the things I'd skipped, but I'd say at this point, looking at finals, it's more important to read what's going on right now.

-Kicks and Giggles
A: Dear Hades,


-=Optimus Prime=-