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Question #44533 posted on 04/21/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My parents never told me about the birds and the bees. Not, it wasn't some kind of strange hatred towards me, they never told any of us 5 kids. My oldest sister who is married offered to tell me as well as multiple friends. I'm a shy 16 year-old, so I don't really want to make things awkward (it would be for me) but I was wondering, is there a book that would be good for me to read?

- Teen cuisine

A: Dear Gertrude,

I applaud you in your efforts to squelch your ignorance. I recommend this book. I had a roommate once upon a time who had it, and it is definitely informative, and not limited to topics of just the birds and the bees, but includes other pertinent high school topics like drugs, family relations, and mental health. I will give a disclaimer though, just as a warning, that this book is absolutely mainstream, and therefore does not at all look down upon things that we do not condone, such as premarital sex and masturbation. However, if you can remind yourself that certain things discussed in the book are not okay for you to do, I still think it's important that you be aware.

If you want a book that does promote abstinence, this one looks quite promising.

And further on down the road, I STRONGLY recommend looking into one or more of the following books once you are engaged:

Betweend Husband and Wife by Douglas E. Brinley and Stephen E. Lamb
And They Were Not Ashamed by Laura M. Brotherson
The Act of Marriage by Tim LaHaye
Becoming One by Stahmann, Young, and Grover

-Kicks and Giggles, who believes no one should be in the dark about such an important thing as the birds and the bees