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Question #45222 posted on 05/26/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear TINMAN or those writers that know him

I thus far have enjoyed what few answers have been posted by you, but frankly my potential for rust friend, we as readers don't know much about you, and I, and hopefully other readers, want to know more about you as a writer. Like why did you choose your nym, the details of your battle or encounter with the tunnel worms, what part of the country you're from, you know, stuff that us readers can sink our teeth into (in a non vampiric or cannibalistic manner.)
Also, if you're on hiatus, then please, for those writers that know TM, if you can tell us a little about TM. (In a non spoiling of the anonymity kind of way)

- Father Time.

A: Dear Chronos,

I don't know if TINMAN is on hiatus or not, but I haven't seen him around. I think you can deduce the most about him by reading into his alias: the tinman, at least in the Wizard of Oz, was a character who thought he didn't have a heart but was actually a nice guy. You could say the same of TINMAN.

A: Father Time,

I thank you for your question and must say your timing is impeccable. I was on hiatus; being away from home and unable to gain working access to the Board. Upon arriving back in Provo I found your question waiting and have found it an interesting challenge. I suppose something to know about me as a writer is that I am not well versed in the technical processes of writing. My responses are usually somewhat raw, rarely seeing any editing once typed out. This has gotten me into some trouble in the past, as things that are perfectly lucid to me while composing them may not make much sense to anyone else. I have an odd sense of irony that often complicates the matter, if I feel a question was foolish I try to use the quierent's own words and logical fallacies in an attempt to persuade them of their error.

My 'nym came from a nickname I picked up in High School when those around me pointed out tendencies I had that ran contrary to expected teenage attitudes. I am not positive of the exact time I was first called TINMAN, throughout my life I have been cerebral and I would often disregard that which logic declared trivial. Some such things were physical; extremes in temperature are usually ignored and physical pain is often shrugged off; leading to the recurring joke of my various sports teams that I was something other than human. Perhaps this cast the mold for my budding 'nym but I presume it was the social aspect that brought it into focus. Most of the High School social scene fell into the 'trivial' category. My role regarded the dating game was that of a somewhat bemused observer. I was by no means a social wallflower but if I wanted to have fun or get to know someone I would do so without the social awkwardness that inevitably accompanied High School 'dating'. Despite (or perhaps due to) this, I somehow became a go-to man for dating advice; being asked by both close acquaintances and classmates whose names I didn't know. My advice was as clear and logical as I could make it, striving for the most painless result for all involved. Often this involved advising people to leave abusive relationships or end ineffective ones. Having never experienced it, I couldn't understand the emotional attachment that factored into the equation, leading those closest to me to pin me with the moniker TINMAN. Now that I am well out of High School, the name still seemed to fit; the Tinman had a rough back history, leading him to be abrupt and cutting at times, yet he always was willing to help others to remember the importance of the things of the heart. Thus TINMAN also gives advice and guidance from the head, in the hope of somehow finding a heart.

The casual reader may not know of the tunnel worms or may simply believe that some writer wanted to explain why students aren't allowed into the tunnels below campus. Over time they have been been mentioned most often by newer writers, leading to the assumption by some that they are merely a rite of passage that must be overcome before writership is assured. The truth is much deeper than is generally known. The worms must be faced each time anyone attempts to approach the Lair. Each question that is answered stands as a witness that that writer has survived yet another day against foes that could take out anyone who might let their guard down. Newer writers tend to be more inclined to speak of their struggles while still flush from to the unique experience. Older writers often have grow accustom to the constant struggle and it no longer is remarkable for them. Another reason for the relative silence is the sad fact that we have lost writers in the past to the worms, making it a painful topic for some to discuss. Each person's struggle is their own and unique in their own way. Mighty Quinn was rumored to be able to frighten some worms away by his titanium abs alone. Uffish Thought has had a remarkable time with avoiding conflict as well. And just as each writer struggles with different worms in different ways, individual worms have unique ways of getting to their prey. The gigantic but deathly quiet Baripen has been around since the beginning, actively hunting out even the best writers and has claimed more than his fair share of probies and experienced writers alike. Little Daravipen is hardly ever seen and never heard, but she has taken far too many writers while back in the shadows, often consuming them so completely only a few ever remember their existence in the first place. The twins Zazoralo and Bibuťipen work in tandem; the one making his position so blatantly clear that the unwary will often fall to the gaping maw of the other, who had been quietly waiting for prey to come to him. I could continue on, but the list could continue and the methods to various to describe. Needless to say I have struggled to overcome each of the tunnel worms that I have come across, and if the unfortunate day comes that you hear from me no longer; remember me once and a while and send a can of WD-40 to the depths of the tunnels. I may be in need of it.