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Question #45237 posted on 05/26/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Now that summer is here, what is your favorite popsicle? and, if you could invent a flavor of Otter Pop, what flavor and name would you give it?

- Elliot

A: Dear Elliot,

My favorite popsicle are those Dreyer's fruit bars. Specifically the strawberry ones. They are SO tasty. In fact, I think I will get myself one today during lunch time.

I like Otter Pops pretty well. If I could invent a flavor it would be a lemon/lime one with some other hints of citrus flavors in it. I love citrus flavors. I would name it "The Cheeky Citrus" in honor of myself.

-The Cheeky Chickie

A: Dear Elliot,

I'm rather fond of those orange Creamsicles. I'm also a huge fan of any kind of fudgesicle. I guess I tend to choose the high-fat, ice-cream-on-a-stick kind.

If I were to make my own Otter Pop, it would be some sort of tropical punch kind. Maybe with something of a carbonated kick to it. Think along the lines of frozen Shasta Tiki Punch. Mmmmm . . .

A: Dear Elliot,

I cań’t ever get enough of the official Popsicles, mostly because of the jokes on the sticks. The Firecrackers, Fudgsicles, and the ones that look like Snoopy are my favorite. The Flintstones Push-pops are a close runner-up. If you asked the average eight-year-old, their answer would probably be exactly the same as mine. I still get excited for the ice cream truck, too.

In keeping with the fact that the Otter Pop people like to name their flavors after famous people, mine would be the Cherry Tyler Moore. (Also, try this next time you have Otter Pops--eat a Louie-Bloo Raspberry and a Little Orphan Orange together. It́’s heaven in the form of high fructose corn syrup.)

A: Dear otter,

I would invent a set of flavors (not Otter Pops, though - like the popsicles that come in double sets of the same flavor, only mine would be two different flavors). The flavors would be 1) Pina Colada, and 2) Getting Caught in the Rain.

Again, as far as inventions go, I think every Jamba Juice concoction should be made into a popsicle.