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Question #45248 posted on 05/26/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

have any of you seen the movie "Final Fantasy Spirits within" if so did you like it? Is there anything bad in it?


A: Dear jiff,

My roommate actually just watched "The Spirits Within" about a week ago, so it's fresh on my mind. It's a bit odd; while the story certainly fits with the Final Fantasy series, it just feels different. In the console games, you have 30-40 hours of gameplay to grow attached to the characters and to explore the world, so you have time to accept all the fantastical elements of the given world. The Spirts Within, at 106 minutes, is constantly throwing new weirdness at you. I never really felt like it was my world in the way that you do while playing the games. As a result, I don't relate emotionally to the characters in the way I did in Final Fantasy VII or X.

The answer to your second question depends entirely on your definition of 'bad'. There is essentially no sexual content of any offensive nature, and there are only a few instances of profanity. The PG-13 rating essentially comes from the fact that there's lots of shooting, mostly at phantom spirits. I doubt you'll find it offensive at all. If you'd like to read a more detailed review of the potentially-offensive content of this movie, check out