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Question #45257 posted on 05/26/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Part 2: I've been trying to look at different classes required for the Wildlife & Wildlands Conservation major, and every time I try to look at the "Major Academic Plan Sheet" so I can work on figuring things out, I'm told the site "can't be found," that it is "temporarily unavailable." I am starting to get worried because I am unable to find the resources I need to plan this upcoming semester and might not be able to get the classes I need. I only recently changed my major, so I didn't know to change my classes until fairly recently. Do you know when this page will be back up, or is there another place I can access it?? Thanks so much:)

- She

A: Dear She,

The Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation MAP can be found at the following link.

(In case you were wondering, I got there by going BYU homepage --> Students --> Academic Links --> Advising --> Charting Your Academic Course --> "here" link under Major Academic Plans (MAPS) --> Fall 2008 - Summer 2009 --> Life Sciences --> BS in Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation)

I recommend getting together with an adviser to help you plan your class schedule, however, because some of the WWC major classes are only offered once every two years (e.g. "winter even years"), so you have to plan things out carefully to have all the prerequisites finished for your once every two year classes when the opportune time comes.

Good luck. Even though I've turned to the dark side, I still think that WWC is the coolest major at BYU.


A: Dear she,

BYU's academic catalogs list the courses required for each major and minor, as well as any prerequisites for each course. They don't plan it out by semester and year like the MAPs, but you can figure that out yourself, based on the class prerequisites and on your own graduation timetable. Here are the requirements for your major as of the 2007-2008 schoolyear. Go here for specific information on each course. For future reference, here is the general academic catalog page.

- Katya