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Question #45270 posted on 05/26/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear Dragon Lady,

For someone as apparently into LDS historical fiction as you, you left off the seemingly most obvious of that genre- The Work and the Glory. Have you not read them, or do you just not like them?


A: Dear Wallace ~

a) I'm much more entranced with biblical times than recent Church history.

b) I read 1-6. Then a few years later, 7 came out. So I read it, but it'd been so long that it took me half of the book to remember who everyone was. Then a few years later, 8 came out. And I knew I'd have to read them all again to get any pleasure out of 8. Many, many years later, I decided to do it. I got halfway through 4 and never picked it up again. That was awhile ago.

c) The question asked for favorite fiction. Not just fiction that I've enjoyed reading. I do enjoy The Work and the Glory but I wouldn't count it amongst my favorite novels.

~ Dragon Lady