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Question #45274 posted on 05/26/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear Kicks & Giggles,

So, your profile says you'd beat people in a belching match...Hasn't anyone ever challenged you to one by now? If so, who won? Is your title as world champion belcher really secure? :)


A: Dear Mr. Lipvig

Ooo. You have no idea what you just stepped in.

A: Dear Quint,

Alas, you bring up a touchy subject. I have been challenged to a match, but only once since being on the Board. And in that match I discovered a crippling performance anxiety when it came to my belching. I was shamefully defeated.

The next day, however, I put my opponent to shame. The only thing was, she was no longer around to be shamed. I hang my head in the loss of my gift.

-Kicks and Giggles