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Question #46849 posted on 08/12/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear Claudio,

A friend of mine mentioned that as a naive youth his wife had argued with her mother The New Kids on the Block were just like The Beatles. In response to this argument her mother grounded her. Do you think this punishment was severe enough?

-Humble Master

A: Dear Humble Master,

This reminds me of how I thought He-Man was comparable to Batman (but I didn't get grounded over it).

- Katya
A: Katya

That might be grounding territory for my children...

-Humble Master
A: Dear Humble Master,

I think the only punishment strong enough involves five across the eyes.

I kid. While I would not resort to child abuse (probably), I would most likely have a very serious sitdown with the child. That's like saying Jesus is just like...I dunno, Vladmir Putin.


That's what it's like.

So grounding? Maybe not. But I think it's grounds for a talk about reverence and sacred things (yes, I get the irony of what I just said).