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Question #47262 posted on 09/10/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

The grocery store Macey's carries three brands of milk: Meadow Gold, Western Family, and Shur Saving. While there is no perceivable difference between these brands, they all cost different prices. Furthermore, the stockboy I cornered claims that all three brands arrive on the same milk truck, dispatched from the same Meadow Gold milk plant, and presumably come from the same cows! Are these cows unionizing? Demanding higher pay for certain shifts? This is udderly perplexing. What is the difference between these milk jugs?

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A: Dear dummy text,

Once upon a time, billions of cows got together and said they wanted to form a union. The Government didn't really like this idea, since they were still getting used to the idea of the cows talking, but decided that, as seemingly sentient beings, the cows should have a voice in their own milk distribution. (For your comfort, the only sentient cows are dairy cows. Cows for butchering and other food uses are not. We know because the dairy cows explained it to us.)

So, these cows had a pretty bloated idea of their importance to society, and determined that they were going to only accept offers through a certain agency, the DSA (Dairy Standard Agency). The DSA was obviously fine with this, but realized no production could be done without using the cows in the union, since they were the only cows that existed.

As a result, all cow milk comes from cows these days, and everybody uses them!



I talked to someone in the quality control department at Meadow Gold, and he said their facility gets milk from the Smith's Dairy in Layton, and that other people probably do, too. They just put the labels on it, and labels for other suppliers, too (presumably the three you mentioned, at least?), and then run the milk. He told me that that all the milk in Utah pretty much comes from the same raw milk supplier, through the Dairy Standard Agency (DSA).

I think I've made correct deductions from all of that, but overall, the main answer to your question: He said there is probably no difference in all the labels' milk.