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Question #47297 posted on 09/10/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I cut through the RB today on my way home and stopped in a doorway to watch what I assume was the Irish stepdance team practicing. I find the men who do that quite attractive. How can I meet one of them without actually taking the classes and joining the team?

- Vandergroot

A: Dear Vandergroot,

My advice would be for you to hang out outside of their classroom and try to strike up a conversation after practice/class. It wouldn't be hard to start talking to them about how awesome looking those dances were and maybe ask how they got started in something like that.

Another idea could be to discreetly follow one of the guys to another location. You could quietly gather information about him until you came up with the perfect way to get his attention. Is he a sucker for girls in distress? Fall down the stairs in front of him. Does he love music? Start playing an instrument. Does he want to be a pilot? Tell him that you want to take him to new heights. Of course, all or any of those might crash and burn- but I'd get a kick out of it.

Get creative! If you want something to happen then you can do it. You've simply got to have the guts and the drive.

A: Dear Vandergroot,

Two possibilities: 1) If the gentlemen you saw Irish stepping were all dressed in black warm ups and black T-shirts, and it was later in the day, then what you probably saw was a rehearsal of the men of the folk dance team performing company (PAC). If you said that they look like a "team" then this is most likely what you saw.

2) If they were not dressed in any particular way, and it was just a small class and there were more girls than guys, then chances are still pretty good that most or all of the guys you saw are taking the Irish step class (which used to be taught by one of my best friends) because they are on the folk dance PAC team and are required by their director to take that class.

In both of these cases, you are talking about men from the folk dance team, which is one of the nicest, friendliest demographics on campus. (I credit the jumping and fiddle music. Also, maybe they overcompensate for having to wear black all the time and not wanting to seem as dour as they look.)

My best suggestion here is to become a folk dance groupie. Chances are, you probably know someone in your ward or apartment complex who is on one of the many folk teams (there are eight or nine I think). Find this person. Grill them on who the unmarried men on PAC are. After this, arrange to run into one/some of them. Your opening line could be, "Oh hey! My friend _____ (insert name into blank. Do NOT leave this line blank!) is on the _____ team and she talks about you guys all the time! When is your next performance?" For your information their next performance is World of Dance Sept. 17-20. I would get tickets and go. Like I said, you couldn't ask for a friendlier group of guys. Although a number of them are already taken, so I would get on this pretty quick if you can.

- Rating Pending (who thinks that if the folk dancers and the ballroom dancers got in a fight, the folk dancers would let the ballroom kids win, although any folker worth his/her salt could kill with a single, powerful hitch-kick to the face)