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Question #47311 posted on 09/10/2008 3:01 a.m.

I would like to do yoga on my mission but, being new to yoga, I have a hard time remembering the poses. I know the mission packet says to not bring any book other than the approved ones listed, but could I make a xerox of a few yoga poses and bring that with me? I will serve in a biking mission so I will get plenty of cardio, but how can I keep fit otherwise? My dad said the MTC sent missionaries out with a cassette of exercises. Does the MTC still do something like that?

-keeping fit

A: Dear K. Ping Feet,

I appreciate your desire to live exactly according to mission rules and not have any other material besides what the mission materials say. However, I think you would be more than fine to have a few xeroxed sheets of yoga positions. Of course, every mission is different, so if you are really concerned, contact your mission president for further instructions.

I know that when I arrived in my mission in Brazil, the mission president's wife (who was the one watching out for the missionaries' health) immediately loaded us up with more papers, pamphlets and reading material including (but not being limited to) information about diet, which brands of food where the best (she never realized that they were all too expensive to be bought on a missionary's budget), vitamins and supplements, which medicines were unsafe (she read articles talking about horror stories regarding bad batches of prescription medicine. Again, these medications were beyond our financial capacity, and if we needed any, we would just take whatever the doctor would give us), a sheet outlining good stretches to do each and every morning, and finally, my personal favorite, a complex diagram showing the correct and proper length of and procedure for trimming one's toenails.

My point here? With all of the papers, talks, trainings, pictures, cool (and fictional) inspirational stories, and vaguely gospel oriented thoughts you'll leave with members (" . . . a man walked along the beach and noticed two sets of footprints") that you will be accumulating over the course of your mission, a few pages of yoga poses that will help you be more fit and healthy will be fine. But again, it's your mission president who will have the final word.

- Rating Pending (who also doesn't like, "GUIDANCE, G is for God, and U and I, DANCE together!" Blerg)
A: Dear Fit,

You'll have a half an hour for exercise in the morning. I have some fond, fond memories of exercise time.

They may have stopped because of safety concerns, but when I went into the MTC they gave you a very special blue stretchy band, designed to help you get a nice toning workout. However, I'm not sure that I ever saw it being used for such purposes. You can shoot stuff pretty far with it though.