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Question #47349 posted on 09/12/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

My neighborhood has recently been infected with a very noisy, very inconsiderate rock band that practices either in someone's back yard or garage. So, whenever they practice, everyone around them for several blocks knows.

The band used to practice on weekday afternoons, which I could tolerate. However, they apparently have decided that the middle of the night and Sundays are good times to practice. My question is, am I justified in calling the police on them? Does Provo have a curfew? I'm guessing I can't get anything done about Sunday afternoon practice sessions, but can I call someone to put an end to the midnight noise? If so, who do I call?

- Getting really, really annoyed

A: Dear Getting ~

I would suggest calling them first.

~ Dragon Lady
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A: Dear getting annoyed,

With due respect to Mssrs. A & D C, any intentionally caused sound above 55 dB between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am in a residential area is noise pollution, as per Provo City Ordinance 9.06.030 (and Board Question #11343). (For reference, normal conversations are between 55 and 65 dB in volume, so your neighbors shouldn't be doing anything in their house or garage which you can hear louder than a normal conversation in your house.)

I agree with Dragon Lady that you should definitely try talking to the members of the rock band first about preferable practice times. However, if they won't cooperate, go ahead and place a non-emergency call to the police. I'm sure the whole neighborhood will thank you.

- Katya
A: Dear Getting~

I know I would thank you. Just the other day I had to be the grouchy old geezer who went out and shut up the giggling girl squad in my apartment parking lot at 12:30.

One downside of the Honor Code is that it drives people out into public to undergo their obnoxious flirtation. (There were boys who growled and snarled to scare the girls, who then shrieked in response. If you thought only the dorms were plagued with this, how wrong you were.)