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Question #47633 posted on 09/29/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board and Yellow,

Many thanks for the response to Board Question #47388. However, the link you provided only refers to Rommel's possible distant relatives, not the more specific "descendants," which is what I am seeking. His 9th cousins aren't of interest to me, but his grandchildren and great-grandchildren are. He only has one legitimate child, Manfred, and one possiblly illegitimate child, Gertrud (now deceased). While Rommel's relatives are nearly countless, his descendants are quite likely very limited in number. What information can you find out about them?

- WWII Buff

A: Dear Buffy

"Dear Yellow,

You did a good job of giving me a possible topic for my homework essay that I'm supposed to write, but you didn't write it for me. Try harder next time please! Thanks!

- WWII Buff"

While you certainly have a polite way of saying, "that wasn't nearly good enough," I think it's time for you to spread your wings and fly for yourself, little bird.


- Rating Pending (who is now curious WHY you want this information, but not enough to want you to write in about it a third time)
A: Dear WWII Buff,

What information can I find about them?

Not much, actually. I did some searching, but I couldn't even find books about his descendants. This isn't all that surprising, though, since such family history books are usually not made publicly available until the death of the people in them.

Now, I'm not saying that there's no such book out there, but I certainly wasn't able to find it. I suppose you could hire a private investigator or something if it's really that important to you, but there's not time in our 100 hour limit for such activities, so I'll have to forgo that pleasure.