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Question #47671 posted on 09/26/2008 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I thought that Mom of 7 in Board Question #47555 would like to know that Student tickets for BYU football games are only valid for those with a current BYU identification card. The policy changed this year and other universities ID cards are no longer valid. However, if she can find a student ticket and doesn't have an ID card she can buy a ten dollar student upgrade from any of the ticket offices on the day of the game. And just as a warning to avoid scams for everyone out there. If you are buying a ticket from someone near the stadium after the gates have opened there is a chance they may have already used the ticket to get in and then left (getting a hand stamp which is all that is required to get back in) and come out to try to sell the ticket. It happens more often than it should and we can't let you in if the ticket has already been scanned.

Just as a heads up to all football goers, read your ticket beforehand (the fine print on the back even). It saves you and us a lot of hassle when you don't have to go throw away or put back in your car your umbrellas, food and drink (empty bottles are okay) artificial noisemakers etc. You'll be much happier if you can just go straight in and so will we. And no, we can't change the policy just for you. Sorry.

- A ticket taker who finds the things people get upset about at football games very amusing.