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Question #48 posted on 09/08/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What font are the English Standard Works printed in?
- Scripturally Curious

A: Dear SC,
And now it's time for . . . the archives! Presented by the faithful workers at the 100-Hour Board, the archives are an electronic compilation of years' worth of questions and answers. The great omniscient of the board distilled into one easily accessed website. And no waiting 100 hours. Yes, folks, it's truly amazing. And this gem can be yours for only $199.99 a month. Call now, and don't miss this special, one-time offer. Again, that's 1-200-308-0700. [Editor's note: Sorry. This writer is a little out of control today. Try the archives for 2003.08.07. That's the best answer we can give you.]
- The Girl Who Is Still Not Going to Use a Pseudonym, Even Though None of Her Coworkers Would Care by This Point