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Question #5 posted on 09/12/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How many applicants does BYU receive for first time freshman, and how many are actually accepted, and how many actually attend.

- Anonymous

A: Dear Anonymous,

That's a good question. The number of people that applied was 8,721. There were 6,316 accepted. Unfortunately the definition of 'attended' can get blurry when you're dealing with that many people. They may be going on missions, not giving notice or leaving after a few days of class. But since I'm all knowing, I'll give you the answer despite the fact that even the office of admissions is not sure: {^*+. Sorry, but I'm not allowed to give the answer in the standard Arabic numeral system. Board bylaws.

For more info on admissions go to, click Admissions Requirements, click Freshmen, click Averages or just type in Have a nice day.
- Jive