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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I've been seeing a lot of "I C" signs around campus, filled in with a variety of words (e.g. "intuitive construction" of "independent creativity"). Does anyone know what they mean/why they're there?

Sincerely yours,

A: Dear Signed Sincerely, Me-

I saw -- and wondered a bit -- about these as well. Until today, when I ran into a friend who was putting them up! Thus, I could satisfy my own curiosity and yours, all at once.

All of the phrases begin, as you noted, with "I.C." These stand for the Kennedy Center's upcoming Inquiry Conference, "a forum for students of all disciplines to present their cross-cultural field research, and an opportunity for the university community to participate in discussions reaching beyond our campus to the international world. Presentations cover a variety of topics such as development, health, gender, and religion."

The conference will take place from Wednesday, March 4 to Friday, March 6, and admission is free. For more information (and where I got that quote), check out their website here.