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Question #50538 posted on 03/02/2009 3:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Though we avoid it as often as possible, sometimes my husband and I have to bring our baby with us to campus. Which buildings have women's restrooms with baby changing tables? Which buildings have men's restrooms with baby changing tables?

- Can't find a place to change my baby

A: Dear Can't,

Hm, you're right. I was surprised at the lack of baby changing stations here on campus. I guess I just never paid much attention to it before. So, bright and early this morning, I came to campus to take a pleasant walk (and was scared half to death by a group of deer hanging out on the RB stairs) and here's what I found while searching the main levels of the central part of campus (i.e., not the buildings forever away that you probably won't be visiting anyway):

The Spencer W. Kimball Tower, the W. W. Clyde Engineering Building, the Carl F. Eyring Science Center, and the Ernest L. Wilkinson Student Center all have bathrooms (both men and women) with baby changing stations that are labeled with the Koala Bear Kare stickers.

The Joseph Smith Building, the Joseph F. Smith Building, and the Jesse Knight Building also have baby changing stations on their main floors, but they are not labeled. Now for these bathrooms I was only able to physically check the women's bathrooms since, well, I am a woman but I would assume the men's bathrooms most likely have baby changing stations, too. And for some reason the baby changing stations in the Jesse Knight Building were the only ones I found that weren't the typical Koala Bear Kare. They were some other brand and it totally threw me off. Also remember that some of the buildings mentioned have the baby changing station located in the larger handicap bathroom, so it can be a little deceiving.

The Harold B. Lee Library also has a few unlabeled baby changing stations, but stick to the newer portion of the building (the north end) since the south end seemed to be lacking. And here's something that I found kind of funny: the women's bathroom directly south of the circulation desk has a sign with a picture of a pink flower that says: DO NOT ENTER THIS BATHROOM unless you are female. It gave me a good chuckle. It also didn't have a baby changing station.

So, the conclusion I have come to is that the "newer" buildings on campus seemed to have bathrooms with baby changing stations. And even though some of the science buildings have them, you might want to avoid them since those buildings appear to find pleasure in hiding their bathrooms, or maybe it was just me. Hope this helps you out!

-Sky Bones