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Question #50872 posted on 03/31/2009 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

From what I understand, you cannot get a degree to teach Arabic at BYU, you also have to take another language (you can get your degree in French Teaching, but there is no such thing as Arabic Teaching). What is a girl to do if all she really wants is to teach Arabic? Are there any good universities that you have heard of that offer Arabic Teaching degrees?

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A: يا فتاة غريبة

According to the sources that I diligently exhausted, you have to find a school with an Arabic Teaching program. Whoa, huge revelation, I know, but nobody at the McKay building knew of one, and neither of the schools with the two best Arabic programs I can think of, the University of Chicago and Georgetown, have Arabic Teaching programs.

Talking with Bobby in the MCKB, the best option is to get a teaching degree in another language, or really in anything, get hired on at a high school (I'm assuming you want to teach secondary education) then bug the school to start an Arabic program. If they do and they let you teach it, you merely have to have a certificate of proficiency in that language.

That's the best answer I can get, get a teaching certificate in something else, and a certificate of proficiency in Arabic, and that should get you a little ways until you find a school that has an Arabic Teaching degree.

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