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Question #5118 posted on 04/15/2004 midnight

Dear Everyone who is asking about T-Shirts,

Well, I finally broke down and made some calls. According to BYU High School Relations, every person who selects to have their ACT or SAT scores sent to BYU gets a t-shirt as long as their ACT score is 28 or above (or the SAT equivalent).

It doesn't matter if you get a scholarship or not, if you put BYU down as your first pick or not, or anything else.

If you qualified according to those requirements but didn't get one, my guess is that they had temporarily run out of t-shirts when they processed your scores. That or you applied more than four years ago, which is when they started sending out shirts.

-CGNU Grad

A: Dear CGNU Grad,

Man, I got gypped.

A: Dear everyone,

"Out of shirts," my bum. If that's so, then they were out of shirts when almost the entire Board applied. Oh, well.