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Question #53593 posted on 09/23/2009 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What happens if you buy enough many pseudoephedrine cold pills from the pharmacy that you've reached the limit where they think you must be using them to make meth? Do they just not let you buy any more? Or do the police come to your house and look for a meth lab? I buy a lot of these pills because the other kind of cold pills don't work for me, and people in my family are always stealing mine, and I always seem to lose them. So my use of the pseudoephedrine pills is totally legitimate, but I'm always afraid I'm going to hit some magical number at some point and get into trouble.

-Jett Jackson

A: JJ-

From my husband, the former pharmacy tech:
There isn't a limit. They keep track in case there is a problem, so they can go get mad at the pharmacy for selling you too much. No pharmacist in his right mind would keep selling you more if they thought you were using it to make meth. Interestingly enough, even if there was a limit you could just change pharmacies. They don't actually send those records anywhere, they're just for the pharmacy's use in the event of audits and such.
- Cuddlefish