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Question #53714 posted on 09/30/2009 3:01 a.m.

'Sup, 100 Hour Board!

So, like undoubtedly many other bank account-depleted students, I could use a bit of extra cash to help myself along the financial road. I've heard about the wonders of donating plasma, and it is something I'd like to pursue. The problem? How to get there. My transportation is woefully limited to the bus or my own two feet. Are there any bus routes that I could take that would get me to one of the donation centers? Or, if worse comes to worse, within an acceptable walking distance (with BYU as a starting point)? And if so, what are they?

- Eternally Lost (and in need of cash)

A: Dear Eternally Lost,

The closest location to BYU where you can sell plasma is Bio-Medics, located at 153 W Center Street, Provo. UTA bus route 833, "Provo Center Street," passes in front of the Wilkinson Center and travels down Center Street. Also, you can read Board Question #41627 for a good answer and some links to other good Board answers about plasma selling.

- Rating Pending (who imagined giving this brief little answer with a tip of his imaginary cap before walking off into the dark whistling a jaunty tune)