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Question #53726 posted on 10/01/2009 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Handed Ballerina,

Are there limited access priveliges for the underground physics lab in the ESC? The door is neither locked nor warning-signed. It's my favourite place to study so far because there's nearly nothing to distract me, and distraction --as you can tell by the hour at which I post-- is my middle name. I've also heard that there's a separate, secure lab deeper down and further under the quad. Is this true?

- Sir Proteus Distraction Newton

A: Dear Sir,

No. Up until the underground was renovated (which was finished last summer), it was mostly one huge open space, roughly partitioned off so that different professors could use part of the space. Since tons of expensive, complicated equipment was right out in the open, the door that led to the underground lab was locked (you needed either a key or card-swipe access). (For an example of what was down there, the first thing you saw on your right when you got to the very bottom of the stairs was a particle accelerator. I kid not.)

Now, however, the space has been divided up into separate labs, with walls and doors and everything (as you can tell). Since each of the labs is individually locked, the door leading down to the underground lab is no longer locked, and anyone who wishes is free to go down and study.

And no, there's not another, deeper lab. What you see is what you get.

—Laser Jock, who appreciates the new, modern underground lab but still feels like the old version was cooler