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Question #53727 posted on 10/01/2009 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Houses Built,

Is it possible to bring a blanket to a solo interaction on campus with a girl in whom you are possibly interested without kissing her at some point in the night? Having never kissed a girl before two weeks ago, I'm up to two unique hits on that page and honestly, I kind of want to slow it down. It's getting cold out and it's nice to be able to be comfortably warm and close with someone, but things always seem to escalate right as soon as the blanket hits the grass, even/especially when I set out with the goal of not allowing them to. I feel a tidbit lame because I don't always have the best control of my actions in the situation (I seem to always find a way to rationalize that last inch of gravitation before cascading into the act itself). Do you have any tips on avoiding such speedy seduction while maintaining amiable physical affection?

- Proteus, ever the unwitting Byronic Hero

A: Dear Proteus,

Yeah, get hitched.

It's called hormones and there's really not much you can do about them other than avoid situations like that.

-Sky Bones
A: Dear Proteus,

Yes, it's possible, but (depending on the people involved) it may not be probable. Since you already know that you have difficulty not kissing the girl in situations like this, just do like Sky Bones suggested: avoid blanket time unless you're okay with kissing your partner.

There's nothing wrong with recognizing that this is a weak area and just staying away from it. I'm willing to guess that quite a few people would end up kissing in the situation you describe—as Sky Bones also pointed out, it's hormones, and the the temptation is very natural. It's not just you.

—Laser Jock
A: Proteus-

Sit on a lawn when you know that the sprinklers will start up any minute, and be ready to run. It worked for me.

- Cuddlefish