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Question #53730 posted on 10/01/2009 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I had heard of the TV show Battlestar Galactica before but never watched it, and I was surprised and amused that the show includes elements such as the Quorum of Twelve and Colonies of Kobol. What other take-offs from our Church are in that show?

- tv watcher

A: Dear tv watcher,

I am surprised and pleased to tell you that I downloaded an article addressing this very topic before you even asked this question. It is called "Battlestar Gallactica and Mormon Theology" by Professor James E. Ford, who happens to be visiting BYU right now! He is a favorite professor of mine. If you're interested, you can e-mail me for the article or look in a literature database for it (it's probably from MLA or JSTOR). My 100 HB e-mail is whistler at theboard dot byu dot edu. The article was published in 1983, so it references the original series (not the reimagined series, although I'll bet similarities continue). For now, I'll summarize key points:

-"Lords of Kobol" corresponds with the LDS idea that gods created the heaven and the earth.
-Kobol and Kolob, as you mentioned, "have ordained the same governing structure for mankind," with the twelve apostles and a president.
-Adama marries couples for time and all eternity, as LDS theology practices.
-Adama recounts that there are laws which govern even godlike beings, and man may be related to, rather than just created by, Deity.
-The episode "War of the Gods" has striking similarities to the LDS plan of salvation - Count Iblis mirroring Satan and other obvious parallels, such as the idea that all must abide by the same rules of existence, gods and devils alike (opposition in all things), and humans may become gods (law of eternal progression).

These similarities might arise from Glen A. Larson's (executive director and writer) own membership in the LDS church.

A: Dear tv watcher and Whistler

Glen A. Larson is actually the creator of Battlestar Galactica (the original 1978 tv series), not just a writer and producer of the current series. He also created the original Knight Rider, which had fewer LDS theological references.

-Humble Master