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Question #5784 posted on 05/22/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
My fiance is leaving today for two weeks to go on vacation with his family. Considering that we have less then one month to go before we are married (25 days, but who's counting?) and basically all of the wedding plans are taken care of, and my mom is doing anything that is not, I anticipate that I will have a total loss of sanity in the next two weeks, due to sheer boredom, and the fact that my significant other is not here. So my question is, what suggestions would you have of things to do while waiting for him to get back, and over the next 25 days in general?
- Amethyst

A: Dear Amethyst,

I wish my wedding was 25 days away! Mine's a lot more than that.

Read any books you have been meaning to get around to reading but haven't yet.
Go through recipe books.
Sleep a lot.
Watch TV.
Go shopping. It may be the last time you can afford new clothes for awhile.

A: Dear Amethyst-

If you haven't yet, read _The Act of Marriage_ by Tim LaHaye. It may be less awkward to read if he's not around. (But he should read it, too, once he gets back.) It deals with sex explicitly, but appropriately. Given both the sanctity of sex and its importance to a happy marriage, this is important. Without being specific, Mrs. Franchise and I found it helpful, and we've given copies to all of the engaged friends we've had since. The author is evangelical, not LDS, so some of his individual statements may not be exactly in line with church doctrine, but the spirit of the book is very appropriate. _Between Husband and Wife_ is not nearly as good. It has little detail, and will leave the two of you unprepared.

-The Franchise
A: Dear Amethyst,

Movie and pizza nights with all those friends you won't see as much of once you're married. But not the boys. They can come to movie-and-pizza evenings with some of the girls.

A: Dear Amethyst,
Live it up with your friends while you can. They'll help you not pine for your schnookums, and you'll never have so much time to spend with friends again in the same way.