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Question #6143 posted on 06/10/2004 4:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board and LH, who doesn't want to kill bugs,
At the University of Maine, one entymology professor provides an alternate project for students who don't care to heedlessly slaughter insects. These students collect "insect signs" such as pupae cases, photographs of insect damage to different plants, discarded exoskeletons, etc. They identify the insect that left the sign and create a project that is very instructive and does not harm insect life. If you takes the time to design something like this, complete with specific requirements, goals, and so forth, so it doesn't look like you are slacking off, a good professor should be willing to consider such an alternate assignment (which can actually be more challenging and rewarding than the traditional collection).
- Scalewing (English for Lepidoptera!)