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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I have a sister who recently got back from a mission. She thinks I am perfect for another elder she served with. After a year of raving about him, I randomly decided to write a short and sweet and perhaps, funny letter. When I asked my sister for his address, she freaked out because she had had a dream about me meeting him the night before. He is onto his last three months. What are the chances that he will write back? If he does, when? Could this letter writing have any potential in the future? Any hope is encouraged:)



Dear Daphne,

This is basically how my sister met her husband. My brother told my sister to write his companion "Big-T" while he was on his mission, and she wrote a short letter all about the science of the current weather patterns where she was living. He thought it was hilarious, they wrote back and forth a few times, started dating after he returned, and have been married for more than a decade now.

I was at her house for Easter and asked her what she thought about your question. Her reply: "This is why people have mental diseases--they pin hope on things for which the odds are astronomically low." About her letters to her husband: "I didn't write thinking 'wow, I'm going to marry him.'"

I suppose he could write back and I suppose things might eventually have some sort of future for you. But don't get your hopes up; I would feel guilty encouraging you to connect your emotions to a person who you have never met and who has never even communicated with you. While I think you're setting yourself up for disappointment, there's no reason not to give things a try. If things work out--great!