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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Okay, so here's my question.... when is it appropriate to write back a missionary when he hasn't replied to your last letter?

Back story: we dated for about two years in high school, broke up (badly) after he went off to college, then kind of became friends again. He was there for me when my brother died, and honestly, he's probably the only guy I'll ever love (yes, I know I'm pathetic). He's been gone to Japan, Kobe since last July, and we've written each other letters (nothing romantic, since we're not dating-- just friends). In the last letter he sent me, in February, at the end he wrote about half a page about what a good friend I've been to him and how he appreciates me, blah blah blah, and it was really cute. So, I wrote him another generically blah letter back to him the next week, but he never replied.

I had a dream where we were hanging out, and he told me he hadn't gotten the letter because it got lost in the mail. Then, a couple nights ago, I had a dream that his mom told me his letter got lost in the mail when he transferred. Thoroughly freaked out, I read his last letter to me, and sure enough! he said he would be transferred the next week (when I mailed my reply).

Yes, I know that that was reallllllly long. His birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, so how could I send a discrete letter basically saying, " didn't respond to my last letter.....did you get it or did it get lost? But I wrote you another one because I'M A CLINGY GIRL WHO IS STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU EVEN THOUGH I CLAIM I'M NOT!"?

Also, I will be a freshman in the fall, which means when he gets back, we'll both be in about the same classes for the same potentially we could rekindle what we once had....just sayin....and hoping...

that was awkward but thanks for reading
(and I really need good, sound advice)


Dear Sincerely,

Write him and wish him a happy birthday. His birthday is a good opportunity for you to write him and not sound clingy. You might mention that you'd sent a letter a while back and that his transfer may have screwed stuff up on the delivery of it, but honestly, it's just not that big of a deal to get all the details of that sorted out (funny stuff happens with mission mail). You may not want to mention it at all.

Long story short: you have a good reason to write him, so write him. Hopefully he will write you back.

No Dice