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Question #77779 posted on 05/31/2014 11:30 p.m.

Dear 360,000 seconds board,

At your earliest convenience, we would invite you to take a journey to the TMCB building, up, up, up, to the third floor. Traversing across the perilous bridge from the old part of the building to the new, in the direction of the Computer Science Department Office, you will find your nasal passages assaulted with the foul smell of things dead, rotted, and long since killed, eaten, and...well you get the idea. Despite the questionable bathing patterns of some of the local wildlife, this smell is rather out of the ordinary, and is in fact, rather extraordinary (not in a good way either).

Why does the hallway just outside the CS departmental offices stink so bad?

The smell is the worst when the department offices are closed (after 5:00) (We would assume since the doors are closed, it limits ventilation).

We hereby commission the board to find the only true and living (dead?) source of this smell, that it might be eliminated.


- The Nasal Rear Admiral
- The Freshening Fury
- The Putrescent Pulverizer


Dear smelling guys,

All right, so I can't tell you why it stinks especially bad right now, but I have always wondered... WHY does it ALWAYS smell AWFUL in the TMCB?? It's like Hot Pockets and body odor mixed together... Gross. After you take care of this extraordinary case, maybe we can work together to take care of the typical awful smell. Thanks for your investigation.



The Nasal Rear Admiral, The Freshening Fury, and The Putrescent Pulverizer,

My trusty guide and I ventured forth on a lonely night to tackle this putrescent problem. After elevating ourselves using some local gadgetry, we set foot onto the third floor of a primal jungle of code and mayhem. Few have lived to tell the tale. I mean, obviously you did, because you asked about it. But few besides the chosen few. We set our sniffers from stun to kill as we immersed ourselves in the local flora. Much to our surprise, our quarry remained elusive, too sly to be hunted down.

We didn't smell anything out of the ordinary. This was a surprise to us both, actually. My guide mentioned that it smelled a bit like ammonia. It's possible that our prey was recently exterminated, because swarms were starting to devour innocents in the night. So yeah.