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Question #77881 posted on 06/08/2014 5 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Bored,

Soup or Salad?

-Sitting in a restaurant


Dear sitting,

You must be at Denny's at this hour. I really hope you're not going to sit frozen at your table for 100 hours. 

Both! Most restaurants have a half soup, half salad for the very reason that people like us just can't decide. That way you can still get gumbo and smother lettuce with house ranch!!!



Dear Restaurant Sitter,

I prefer salad. It's very light and I like the taste of fresh things, probably because I used to work at Subway. Soup just never did it for me. Some soups are mostly broth; I think that's just silly. Are we eating or playing around? If I'm going to eat soup I'd like some hearty, thick soup (read: stew). I can't depend on most places to oblige, so I prefer salad.



Dear sitting,

Is the salad made of lettuce? Lettuce looks and tastes to me like grass on steroids*, and I have about as much desire to eat it as I have to eat grass on steroids. Soup, on the other hand, has the potential for a rich variety of lettuce-free flavors. I always pick soup.


*To be fair, I've never actually eaten grass and so I don't actually know what grass tastes like. But I don't think it can taste much worse than lettuce.