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Question #77930 posted on 06/12/2014 6:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What was your grandfather's or grandmother's occupation? (For purposes of this question, you may answer with any or all of your biological grandparents, adoptive grandparents, step-grandparents, etc.)

- Katya


Dear Katya,

Paternal grandfather: worked for a large computer hardware/software company

Paternal grandmother: schoolteacher, school counselor

Maternal grandfather: farmer/rancher

Maternal grandmother: farmer/homemaker

~Anne, Certainly


Dear friend,

Paternal grandfather: engineer

Paternal grandmother: telephone operator, homemaker

Maternal grandfather: dentist

Maternal grandmother: homemaker


Stego Lily


Dear human,

Paternal grandfather: pig farmer and drycleaner

Paternal grandmother: pig farmer and drycleaner

Maternal grandfather: mechanic, later became an accountant

Maternal grandmother: stay-at-home mom who was an amazing seamstress and landscape painter



Dear Katya,

Paternal grandfather: electrical engineer, also taught at a community college

Paternal grandmother: customer service rep for Pacific Bell, then stay-at-home mom

Maternal grandfather: electrician

Maternal grandmother: stay-at-home mom, then reading teacher.



Dear Katya,

Paternal grandfather: geologist

Paternal grandmother: homemaker, then she worked in the Home section at a department store

Maternal grandfather: rocket scientist (not really, he just worked at JPL and I'm not exactly sure of his job title)

Maternal grandmother: homemaker, seamstress, and genealogist



Dear Katya,

Paternal grandfather: chemist

Paternal grandmother: homemaker

Maternal grandfather: CIA Agent during WWII turned firefighter

Maternal grandmother: shop-owner

The Soulful Ginger (whose grandfather's life as a secret agent was a secret until he died in 2005) 


Dear Katya,

Paternal grandfather: farmer

Paternal grandmother: stay-at-home mom

Maternal grandfather: engineer in the Navy

Maternal grandmother: stay-at-home mom