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Question #7863 posted on 09/20/2004 4:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are there any sneaky ways to get accepted into BYU? Or if not are there any tips or tricks that might increase my chances?


A: Dear Wicket,

If you go on a mission they don't ask whether or not you graduated from seminary. Another tip that'll make you a shoe in is to make yourself a minority, then convert to the church about a year before you apply to the Y. One final trick that I've heard works well is to do incredibly well on the ACT, and have a high GPA. But of course these are just unsubstantiated rumors.

A: Dear Wicket-

If all else fails, take advantage of open enrollment and come during Spring and Summer Terms. If you do well, then your chances of becoming a regular student will quickly rise.

-The Franchise
A: Dear Wicket W. Warrick,
Whatever you do, don't go up to Rick's for a semester. You will get stuck up there. You will hate it.
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