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Question #78884 posted on 09/04/2014 3:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I'm a guy of the LDS faith (maybe you have heard of it?) and I went to a stake youth meeting yesterday in which the young men were basically told to man up and start asking girls on dates.
Okay, I can dig it.
Uno problemo, I seem to be lacking a car. Now I am still determined to "man up" but I need to work out the logistics of the situation. Ideally, I would have a friend with a car but that doesn't seem to be the case... Any suggestions from the board? Past experiences?



Dear FWR,

You're the first guy I've heard of to seriously respond to such a suggestion without scoffing at it. So, point to Griffindor! (I recognize that you said Young Men, so perhaps you will become more jaded down the road. Try not to.)

Anne, Certainly and I knew a guy that managed to take pretty much entire apartment complexes full of girls on dates without owning a car. The dates usually took place on campus, and there's a surprising number of things you can do there. There are places to eat, shows to see, and cheesy "think outside the box" dates like sailing paper boats down the stream at the south of campus or trying to find the weirdest books in the library. 



Dear you,

You mention a "stake youth meeting" and "young men" and nothing about YSA, but are posting on BYU's board so I'm not sure how old you are. If you're in high school then I'd suggest just organizing some kind of group date. This could broaden your choices for getting a car since if there are 3 or more couples going it's much easier to find someone in one of the couples who has a car and it's not weird to ask them to drive. I guess the other option is going somewhere you can walk to or borrowing a parent's car.

If you're at BYU then there are plenty of places close enough to campus that you can walk to. Especially in late-summer or early-fall it can be fun to walk a little bit. There have been a million questions about date ideas, so I think I'll point you instead to the archives and Concealocanth's answer. But seriously, there is plenty to do within walking distance of BYU, at BYU, or at your or a friend's house/apartment.

I guess it comes down to (1) find a car or (2) do things that you can walk to. Or (3) date a girl with a car.