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Question #80523 posted on 01/11/2015 12:56 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

It is my understanding that the last and final plague God wrought on the Egyptians (to redeem the Israelite) was the death of the firstborn. Now... I thought this was the death of the firstborn regardless of age so both young and old firstborns would die, right?

Now, I know it is just speculation that Ramses the II was the Pharaoh during the time of Moses/Exodus, but if people truly thought Ramses the II was the Pharaoh during Moses/Exodus, how do they reconcile that he survived the last and final plague? Why didn't he die? Weren't Pharaohs typically the firstborn son of their father? Do Egyptian records indicate that Rameses was the firstborn son? (or did he have a brother that died as a baby or child?)

How do scholars (who support Rameses II during this time period and are still religious) get around the statement that the Pharaoh chased the Israelite in chariots later? How on earth did he survive the 10th plague?


P.S. Also, didn't the Pharaoh in the Exodus story die in the Red Sea with his infantry? But then Egyptian records show that he lived to be a ripe, old man.... so how do scholars reconcile that? Unless he was a ripe, old man when he chased Moses?



The long story short of it is, it seems that most scholars currently agree that Ramesses II was not the Pharaoh of the exodus. There are a number of other candidates instead that are considered as more viable candidates.

-Tally M.